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'Tis the Season!

What a wild ride the last 2+ years have been! I opened As One with a vision and what I thought was a solid paved road ahead, for life to only remind me how hilly and rutted the road truly can be! Lets be honest...we opened in the start of a smooth did I think it was going to go(slaps forehead and laughs at self- denial or ignorance is can be the judge lol).

I had the intention to write blogs monthly, run amazing social media posts, to hold community gatherings and a million other things. I was going to do it ALL! I didn't take into account all the extra hours of cleaning, managing products (and people), working sooo many hours behind the chair... and.... watering plants (whos design idea was that??? lol).

Hopefully, I haven't bored you to death yet and you are still reading this, because I have some important announcements.

The First is pricing changes. With everything else going up, I REALLY didn't want to add one more thing to your list of "things that cost more in 2023". The honest truth is... if I don't, then I wont be doing hair much longer. When I realized that my son who has been working at

In 'n Out for under 3 years is about to make more money than me (I've being doing hair for almost 20yrs)- I knew something had to change. The problem is- I love my salon family, a lot. I've been so afraid to lose the amazing group of humans that have gathered to grow my business over the years, that I struggled with the idea of pricing out anyone who is dear to me and has helped me build my business up to this point. I'm not going to list the prices on here but they are all visible on my personal booking app and they will be posted at the salon in the coming week. I welcome you to ask questions or voice any concerns at your next appoint, as I have a few options to help save some money on services.

The Second big one is my hours. I am no longer going to work Tuesdays. My weeks will alternate, so it will look something like this...

week 1 - Mon off, Tues off, Wed 9-9, Thurs 9-9, friday 9-9, Sat off, Sun off

week 2 - Mon off, Tues off, Wed 9-8, Thurs 9-8, Fri 9-6, Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5

This schedule allows me time to hopefully find a better balance in life but still work the average of 40 hrs a week. I am working really hard to keep my days off, OFF. You can help with this by pre-booking appointments before you leave the salon and also by using the booking app to manage any changes you may need to make to your appointment times. I'm happy to walk you through how to use it -it's really easy! With that said, don't feel like you can't reach out to me directly if you have any questions or cant find a time slot!

Next up is products.... I know I have mentioned to some how difficult it is to make sure I always have the right products in stock for you to buy at your appointment. There are several reasons for this, but one of the biggest issues is that I carry brands that have low to no chemical ingredients which means the shelf life is limited. This makes it hard as a single retailer(I don't have a whole salon of people selling the products like traditional salons of the past did) because if they sit too long I have to throw them away and its wasted money. so, going forward I will be sending out weekly texts/emails to guests who have appointments coming up asking if there is anything I can order for you. This way I can have your products ready when you come in and no one has to make an extra trip to the salon between appointments. Now, if you run out between appointment and need something sooner, then feel free to shoot me a text and I will gladly add it to the upcoming order.

Almost to the end! I am offering a deal for end of year if you pre-purchase "salon cash" you will receive anywhere from 5% to 20% savings. This can be used on products, services and pretty much anything salon related. It can be given as a gift, but cannot be split between people as it will load onto your salon account like a gift certificate and each time you check out the amount will be deducted. it also cannot be used to purchase already discounted services or other sale items.

It will look like this:

buy $100 receive $105 in spending

buy $250 receive $275in spending

Buy $500 receive $600 in spending

Last but definitely not least- thank you for all your love and support, whether you have been my guest for 18 years or have sat in my chair one time, you each mean the world to me and i appreciate you more than I could express in a few written words.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings and again thank you for your continued support!

Love, Christina

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